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Prime member for the Aviation and Missile Technology Consortium

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Salt Lake City, Utah – The JAAW™ Group announces a selection as a prime member for the Aviation and Missile Technology Consortium specializing in Guided Missile Systems. The JAAW™ Group will focus on areas of expertise encompassed in component cyber security, modeling and simulation, data link and communication, radar, missile electronics, guidance, survivability and guidance for improved precision and global positioning system-denied precisions.

The JAAW™ Group will use this position to expand IV&V opportunities and weapons systems certification testing for the US Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.
Our veteran team provides end-to-end support of the validation verification activities required to meet certification requirements and has extensive experience with the “cradle to grave” support of new and developing systems which require sub-component certification, system level certification and the maintenance of certifications throughout a system’s sustainment lifecycle.
The JAAW™ Group’s experience includes: Authority to Operate (ATO) approval for Command and Control (C2) systems, battle management operations, aircraft communications, range of the future cyber structure, Red Team/Blue Team penetration testing, NSCCA/NSATE and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) certification experience for Nuclear Weapon Systems, including the GBSD.
The JAAW™ Group draws upon leading industry and government certifications in Program Management, Project Management, Cyber Security and Nuclear Surety, executed by a veteran team with proven processes and methodologies, delivered to exceed expectations. With decades of weapons systems development, rapid prototyping, engineering services, nuclear surety engineering, cyber security, Range of the Future ground system development, agile software development, test automation program management/acquisition, DevSecOps, Amazon Web Services (AWS)/Platform One (P1) cloud computing, Microsoft Azure, operational test and launch and logistics, The JAAW™ Group delivers long-term, sustainable solutions.

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