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The JAAW™ Group’s current staff includes the following Subject Matter Experts: CISSP Cyber Engineers, Test Engineers, Nuclear Surety Engineers, Software Development Engineers, PMI Certified Project and Program Managers, Logisticians, Procurement Specialists, and Risk Management Professionals.

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The JAAW™ Group works with Executive and Management teams to align your organization’s goals with the right programs. Portfolio management expertise optimizes return on investment. We generate opportunity and investment targets that set our clients apart.

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Our PMI professionals offer adaptable services to ensure our client’s success based on two critical services. 1. As a manager, we’ll deliver on schedule and on budget.  2. As a mentor, we’ll supervise our client’s program to ensure their success.

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Our veteran professionals are industry & government certified in: Program Management Professional (PgMP), Project Management Professionals (PMP), CMMI High Maturity Appraisers & CMMI Trainers, Risk Management, Scheduling & Planning, Systems Engineering, and more.

Joel Ward

Joel Anderson Ward

President of The JAAW™ Group, Joel is a combat veteran specializing in Department of Defense weapons system acquisition, development, and sustainment. With a Masters Degree in Business Management, Graduate of Air Command and Staff College, a certified Project Management Professional and a certified Program Management Professional. He is certified through Defense Acquisition University in Systems Engineering, Test and Evaluation, Program Management, Budget and Finance and Acquisition Logistics. Joel has successfully delivered new capabilities for military weapons systems and supporting processes from major ACAT and SCAT programs. Joel has worked in Defense and Aerospace as a contractor and government civilian since 2009 working directly with Radar, Range Threat Systems, Range of the Future telemetry systems, Military Satellite Communications, Special Operations Fixed Wing, Fighter aircraft avionics upgrades, ICBM Cryptography, Nuclear Command Control Communications, Nuclear Surety Cross Check Analysis of Ground Based Strategic Deterrent development software, and service life extension of Minuteman III weapon system platforms.

For more than 15 years, Joel has systematically developed and implemented programs in acquisition, strategic planning, organizational strategy, process optimization, vulnerability and threat analysis, sustainment activities, supplier management, quality control, training, as well as product and process development for Federal Agencies and private contractors. Joel prides himself on innovative applications of leading industry theories, and professional experience to help customers succeed, scale responsibly and break into new markets that benefit the Government and the company.

Previously, Joel served on Active Duty in the United States Air Force and was stationed in Kunsan, South Korea, Okinawa, Japan, Kandahar, Afghanistan, Hill AFB, Utah and Balad, Air Base Iraq. During his service, Joel supported munitions; special operations; and overseas contingency operations. He currently resides in Sandy, UT and can be reached at

Adrian Ward

Adrian S. Ward

Adrian is the Executive Vice President of The JAAW™ Group for Defense and Aerospace Products and Services. For the first two years, Adrian led The JAAW™ Group as a Woman Owned Small Business with contracts including the delivery of Eastern Range telemetry solutions in support of SLBM, NASA, U.S. Space Force and Space X launches; and, Nuclear Surety Cross Check Analysis of Ground Based Strategic Deterrent development software. Additionally, Adrian oversees product and creative development for HydroDefense™; a patent pending ballistic hydration product designed for military, police and responsible civilians, with a current launch date set for early 2021.

Previously, Adrian owned of SampleThis.™ Marketing. With a Masters Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication and Strategic Public Relations, Adrian has helped both defense and commercial clients with strategic planning, continuing education courses, case studies, white papers, hybrid communication work, press releases, branding, marketing, advertising, and website management.

As an executive leader, Adrian integrates cutting edge commercial practices into defense solutions, providing value to defense customers and contractors with her robust understanding of how to sustain profitable growth, and reach target markets, with reduced costs and schedule. She currently resides in Sandy, UT and can be reached at

Casey Roberts

Casey Roberts

Casey is the Chief Engineer for The JAAW™ Group. With 13 years of technical leadership to draw from, he leads engineering projects from the front, ensuring solutions meet customer requirements and deadlines “on time, on target.”

With a Bachelors of Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Aerospace Engineering, Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah, having certified through Defense Acquisition University as a Level III Acquisition Engineer, Test Engineer, & Program Manager, Casey has built a career supporting our nation’s defense and space interests.

As a Quality Engineer, Casey supported the Space Shuttle Program developing innovative methods of integrating quality initiatives and leading process improvement events. While working with the F-16 System Program Office, both as a contractor and as a government engineer, Casey interfaced with units deployed around the globe leading structural aircraft battle damage repairs, creating and coordinating fleet-wide inspections, reconstituting and demilitarizing aircraft, designing aircraft modifications for the USAF aerial demonstration team the Thunderbirds, and interfacing with industry and global partners. During his 6 years as a lead engineer for the Minuteman III System Program Office, Casey directed repairs to fielded and depot based support equipment and missile systems including flight controls, solid and liquid propellant engines, cables, led cross-functional ACAT-II & III acquisition teams, and coordinated operational test launches of the weapon system.

Now with The JAAW™ Group, Casey continues to serve national interests through nuclear critical cross check analyses, developing engineers into highly sought after experts, creating training programs, leading system engineering efforts, and ensuring technical efforts are executed correctly, efficiently, and safely. You can reach out to him at:

Becky Lane

Becky is a Lead Program Manager for the JAAW Group and is a seasoned Army veteran specializing in military logistics and operations. She is extremely focused on the mission of the military and securing a safer future for her children.
She graduated with a bachelor’s in business management, with a 3.96 GPA that put her in the top 5% of her class. Also having certified through Defense Acquisition University as a Program Manager with training in Engineering, Finance, Contracting, Logistics and many other leadership courses.

Prior to her joining the JAAW Group she spent ten years in the Army with the I Corps Artillery unit in Draper, Utah. While in the Army she coordinated and planned day to day operations and logistical support to her unit while at the same time served as an Army Ambassador within the community recruiting applicants by getting them excited with a future in the Armed Services. She is an expert at handling sensitive tasks and communicating with leadership within the military. She has won numerous awards for her service including a Soldier’s Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal and many more. Becky also was a Program Manager with the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center at Hill Air Force Base where she was a Program Manager on ACAT 1 and ACAT 2 programs. She prides herself in pushing programs forward and helping them think outside the box to run more smoothly, organized and efficient while staying motivated, and enthusiastic.

As a Lead Program Manager Becky manages and directs all phases of a program from inception to completion. This includes full responsibility for program cost, schedule requirement and specification compliance. She also will create training programs that are innovative and necessary to the Department of Defense. You can reach her at