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Contract award supporting Minuteman III at Hill Air Force Base

November 1, 2021 by Adrian Ward Uncategorized 0 comments

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Salt Lake City, Utah – The JAAW™ Group announces a contract award supporting Minuteman III at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, providing subject matter expertise of the MMIII weapon system, Nuclear Minuteman Directorate (NMU), and industry trends.

The JAAW™ team of experts will support innovation in acquisition strategies, strategic planning and resource assessment analysis in support of MMIII. Our veteran team will oversee the development of NMU Training Materials throughout the NMU Training Material development cycle. Tasks include, conducting a needs analysis for corporate training solutions, evaluating existing content for training content development processes, and customizing the learning experience within MMIII for both their partners and the Government team. With The JAAW™ Group’s proven history of delivering deliberate development paths for program management, engineering, and logistics, the ROI garnered from these programs is traceable and definitive.

The JAAW™ Group draws upon leading industry and government certifications in Program Management, Project Management, Cyber Security and Nuclear Surety, executed by a veteran team with proven processes and methodologies, delivered to exceed expectations. With decades of weapons systems development, rapid prototyping, engineering services, nuclear surety engineering, cyber security, Range of the Future ground systems development, agile software development, test automation program management/acquisition, DevSecOps Amazon Web Services (AWS)/Platform One (P1) cloud computing, operational test and launch and logistics, The JAAW™ Group delivers long-term, sustainable solutions.

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