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Becky Lane as the Lead Program Manager for The JAAW™ Group

October 12, 2020 by Adrian Ward 0 comments

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Salt Lake City, Utah – Becky Lane as the Lead Program Manager for The JAAW™ Group!

Becky is a Lead Program Manager for the JAAW Group and is a seasoned Army veteran specializing in military logistics and operations. She is extremely focused on the mission of the military and securing a safer future for her children.
She graduated with a bachelor’s in business management, with a 3.96 GPA that put her in the top 5% of her class. Also having certified through Defense Acquisition University as a Program Manager with training in Engineering, Finance, Contracting, Logistics and many other leadership courses.

Prior to her joining the JAAW Group she spent ten years in the Army with the I Corps Artillery unit in Draper, Utah. While in the Army she coordinated and planned day to day operations and logistical support to her unit while at the same time served as an Army Ambassador within the community recruiting applicants by getting them excited with a future in the Armed Services. She is an expert at handling sensitive tasks and communicating with leadership within the military. She has won numerous awards for her service including a Soldier’s Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal and many more. Becky also was a Program Manager with the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center at Hill Air Force Base where she was a Program Manager on ACAT 1 and ACAT 2 programs. She prides herself in pushing programs forward and helping them think outside the box to run more smoothly, organized and efficient while staying motivated, and enthusiastic.

As a Lead Program Manager Becky manages and directs all phases of a program from inception to completion. This includes full responsibility for program cost, schedule requirement and specification compliance. She also will create training programs that are innovative and necessary to the Department of Defense.

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