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Data Architect Senior

April 27, 2021 by Adrian Ward 0 comments

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Job Overview

We 2 Here at The JAAW Group., we are the leading company in in specialized design of DoD IT systems. We are hiring an experienced Data Architect that can support our customer in system design and planning of builds to accomplish a complete prototype system that meets current mission requirements and can scale to meet future requirements. If you are dedicated and committed to the success of your customers, we are the place to work!

Responsibilities for Data Architect

Develop a modular scalable architecture to enable redesign of legacy simulation systems

Research and properly evaluate sources of information to determine possible limitations in reliability or usability

Apply sampling techniques to effectively determine and define ideal categories to be questioned

Compare and analyze provided statistical information to identify patterns, relationships and problems

Define and utilize statistical methods to solve industry-specific problems in varying fields, such as economics and engineering

Prepare detailed reports for management and other departments by analyzing and interpreting data

Train assistants and other members of the team how to properly organize findings and read data collected

Design computer code using various languages to improve and update software and applications

Refer to previous instances and findings to determine the ideal method for gathering data

Qualifications for Data Architect

Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science or related field

Strong math and analytical skills are essential to complete job requirements successfully

Able to compile and organize statistical information retrieved and present findings to management

Experience working with private and sensitive personal information

Confident in decision making and the ability to explain processes or choices as needed

Strong computer skills and ability to use necessary databases and software

Interpersonal and customer service skills are required when meeting with and interviewing potential clients

Excellent multitasking skills and task management strategies

Ability to complete milestones and work toward multiple deadlines simultaneously

Job Category: Technology
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Hill Air Force Base UT
Compensation: $100k to $135k annually
Benefits: 401K Medical

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